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    Have you tried making your own fresh nut milk at home? Once you try it, there is not going back! Watch the video to learn how... and get your own Dancing TreePeople Farm nut milk bag.

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    Dancing TreePeople Farm

    We are located in Upper Lake, California. Dancing TreePeople Farm models the ethics and principles of permaculture. and organic growing.

  • Orchard and Garden

    Our 11 acre orchard is certified organic and has been producing walnuts for over 50 years, organically since 2000. Recent additions include an organic vegetable garden, a greenhouse, solar energy, natural buildings, and two experimental permaculture food forests.

  • Organic Nut Milk Bag

    Organic Nut Milk Bag

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    Humble Nut Milk Bag

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  • 21 Questions Answered

    About making nut milk. Get the book with tips and recipes!

    100% Cotton Nut Milk Bag

    Now! Make Nut Milk for the Whole Family … Quickly and Easily with an Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag.
    Imagine creating healthy, tasty milk from your favorite organic nuts and seeds: make almond, soy, walnut, cashew, or hemp milk. Home made milk tastes better, is healthier and saves money.

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